Starting at meteor 1.4, can I follow 1.2 meteor tutorials?

They do have synthax changes or really big changes that makes difficult to adapt? All the tutorials that I’m looking at are mainly on version 1.2 and so… Any tips for a starter?

You’re more or less fine. Welcome to Meteor, enjoy your ride :slight_smile:

Hello SkyRooms, thanks. I’ve been studying meteor for a couple days right now. But I’ve noticed that the differences between updates are pretty big isn’t? I found shocking the way meteor was introduced to me and found some really good tutorials. However, right now that I’m getting the flow it feels like these updates are not good haha atleast for me that I’m a beginner and have to get the synthax and stuff. Do you have any tips for looking at tutorials from 1.2 version of meteor?

I found that one of the updates (maybe to 1.2, or 1.3, I can’t remember) was challenging (mostly due to package incompatibilities), but the rest of the updates have been pretty easy to upgrade. That doesn’t say much about tutorials, but it has been my experience regarding version upgrades.

That said, a lot has changed in the ecosystem at large - I don’t really use Blaze much anymore (except on one app which has held up pretty well over the last 2 years) for example.

I’ve got a large app that started on 0.5.7 and is now on Essentially the same codebase and packages; still working just fine in production. I think you’re pretty safe using old tutorials.

That said, times have changed and I wouldn’t start a big app using the same practices from two years ago (the 1.2 days).

Thanks for the reply babrahams. I plan to make a small but scalable app, what are the practices that are a good idea to change in your opinion?

Specially when handling with data management from multiple users?

That’s your preference.

The advise Ill give is: Let the server do data calculations, and subscribe ONLY the field users need to them.

I’ve built an MMO at which is using a LOT of cpu power, if you’d like to chat about data optimization let me know.

React for UI. Apollo for data. If you’re planning on having a team work on the app at any stage, make sure you use the imports directory (i.e. use modules). At this stage, you’ve lost a lot of what originally made Meteor cool (except the build tool, which is still pretty freakin’ awesome), but you’ve got a fast, scaleable app with a maintainable codebase.

I feel like I’m stuck man, cuz I don’t know if I’m making something wrong but looking at previous tutorials I rewrite the codes as how they’re written and it just doesn’t work. Are the synthaxes for the packages or the router different?
Yeah, React is pretty cool I don’t know what I’m really doing it wrong tho I think I’ve seen about 5 or six complete projects and I still couldn’t simulate any of them hahah

Maybe take a look at Vulcan. That uses React and Apollo and there’s a lot of code there for many of the typical things an app will do. It has a package architecture rather than modules (or classic Meteor client/lib/server folder structure), but if you’re doing a small app, the code organization choices might be less of a big deal.

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hahah thanks!! I downloaded and it seems that is a good tool for me to build what I need!