Starting new app

hi im new in meteor im starting a new app with an online POS (point of sale) with different vendors, my goal is that it should be working in a month in MVP(minimum viable product).

1.)im considering using iron:router for the routes and templating but it should also be 2.) mobile friendly. i also dont have in mind what im going to use in the 3.) app component. 4.) what best on the account management. - any good package another than accounts-ui if there is any.

I would checkout the Roles package. It helps add user roles and permissions to user accounts.

I like Iron Router and have used it in many apps. If you haven’t already have a look at FlowRouter to see if that is something that may work well for your project. I’ve switched all my new Meteor apps to use that instead because it’s a lot less complex and isn’t reactive. It just handles routing.

thnks for your advice man, will try to test all ur suggestions. thanks again! provides a nice package for doing user registration and login and is more comprehensive than accounts-ui.