Starting with atom

I have downloaded atom and opened atom zip file, how do I go go about opening the editor, I entered atom in the command line and got response no command found

have you seen this already? since you mentioned a command line, I guess you’re either on a mac or linux, for both to work, the atom binary should be in your $PATH. If you’re still kinda lost, I suggest looking at some unix basic tutorials first.

i have atom working, but am still getting an error when i try and run meteor, the following is the error that I get, any suggestions:

Problem! This project does not have a .meteor/release file. The file should either
contain the release of Meteor that you want to use, or the word ‘none’ if you will only
use the project with unreleased checkouts of Meteor. Please edit the .meteor/release
file in the project and change it to a valid Meteor release or ‘none’