Starting with Meteor, Looking for good trainer

Hello All,
In our company(Located in Noida, INDIA) we have started with one project where we have created POC used HTML, Java Script, Jquery, CSS for front end and at the web server side we have used NodeJS.
Now our project is approved we have to choose some framework. We have opted for Meteor and at client side we are going to use AngularJS where we will use Angular.meteor also.
Our application is mission critical in that terms we need to scale Meteor to multiple nodes (for both performance and availability) also.
We are new to Meteor and looking for good trainer who knows about Meteor and AngularJS(Preferable) also.
We need this training urgently.
Is there any one who can provide us the training.

Why have you chosen to use a technology on a mission critical app when you have so little knowledge of it that you need a trainer to help you?

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This site looks like a nice place to post Meteor jobs -
Maybe it will help you find the right person
Good luck!