Startup guidance needed on choosing right technology

I am looking to develop apps specially for desktop and web with lesser code. I know js so I researched and found meteor to be the best option for rapid application development for web and desktop, but before I even start I want to be pretty sure that I don’t stuck on deployment later.

Can’t I deploy meteor on a shared hosting environment like of host gator?

One more point I would like to say, in my country I will have to serve clients with a solution installed on their local desktop with db aswell in few cases such as a billing solution, accounting solution. Clients will force me to install it locally than giving them on web.

Is meteor a good choice for me ? Don’t want to go visual basic or towards dot net… Please guide me in right direction.

My requirements again - web, desktop apps, in some cases db will be on clients machine for small apps as mentioned above.

Need quick development and easy to use technology. Don’t forget I am a js lover.

Shared hosting: NO.

Virtual Private Server: Sure can! I was running there for a while.

Your Meteor installation will be a bit more complicated if you want to localhost it. You’ll need an installer package that first installs Meteor as a service. That can be easy, and tricky. You will be responsible for maintaining their Meteor installs and trouble shooting that service.

Then you can just extract a zip of your Meteor package and command line run it. It’ll run on localhost:3000 or whatever you configure.

I’ve successfully built a Desktop App that works beautifully with Electron. It’ll take you a day to figure out. I’ve also built my Android app. I’m so thankful for Meteor being a thing. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me <3.

Advise time. USE METEOR GALAXY. I spent like 3 months completely wasting time trying to figure out how to host things. I even quit Meteor. Eventually I came back and tried Galaxy. I shut off my VPS the following day feeling rather stupid. Meteor Galaxy is the future of hosting. When you do the install guide, you’ll say to yourself “This is amazing”.

Meteor is very difficult to learn. I’ve been at it for a year, coming from a PHP background and semi-ok skills in Jquery, very little experience working with Json. Now I love both and am getting fairly fluent.

No one mentions the steep learning curve. They just mention the rapid prototyping. They don’t mention the obscene transition to their methodology of hosting. I’ll probably end up doing some articles about this later.

Summary: Use Meteor.