Startup Landing Page with React 15 and Bootstrap 4. Project on GITHUB

A sample Landing Page builded with React, neal-react, and Bootstrap 4.
This example use meteor-webpack and is totally based on npm packages.
Meteor 1.3 only.

  • React 15
  • Bootstrap 4
  • react-router-hash-scroll
  • Meteor 1.3-rc.4
  • meteor-webpack

Github source

How it look? Hosted page


I update this project:

  • Add fixed navbar
  • Animate scroll to #hash link

Hi, I’m really new to web app development and Meteor and wanted to try your landing page to start my project.

The server is running but when accessing it from my browser, I get this callstack:

Uncaught Error: Cannot find module 'jquery’
require @ install.js:85
meteorInstall.node_modules.meteor.globals.index.js @ globals.js?hash=5e82bb445b9721a3158cbfcea321481427930c10:34
fileEvaluate @ install.js:176
require @ install.js:82
(anonymous function) @ globals.js?
web.js:544(anonymous function) @ web.js:547

Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you for your help,

@MartinBrochu I missed add jquery module.

In your app folder make:

npm install jquery --save

EDIT: Update respository.

It’s working, thank you very much!