State management in React Native App

Hi guys,

I’m working on a React Native app powered by a Meteor backend, and would like to ask what the community is doing for state management.

My requirements:

  • Offline storage
  • Data filtering / querying like Minimongo (nice to have)

I would use the react-native-meteor package and the Meteor minimongo collections directly, but I need the data to be persisted offline, even if the user closes the app and opens it again.

There’s redux-persist, which requires us to use Redux, which means that if we don’t want to lose reactivity, we’d have to make ADDED, CHANGED, and REMOVED actions/reducers for each Collection we use.

I personally prefer mobX over Redux, but mobx-persist is not very reliable. What do you recommend?

You didn’t mention that you were using apollo but there’s apollo state management for the client. Also there’s apollo cache persist.

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