State of Javascript 2018 ---> Meteor?


Here is a perspective on the JS ecosystem that argues that going forward, “monoliths” are going to take back the momentum from microlibraries:

If this prediction is correct, it is excellent news for Meteor.


I don’t think microservice architecture ever really had much momentum. Consultants like ThoughtWorks, who seem to write a lot about building software but may not actually build much software, certainly tried to promote it, but I’m skeptical that it was ever widely adopted.


All hail the Majestic Monolith! :crown:


I can hear the majestic strains of Also Sprach Zarathustra!


Whoa. Deja-vu. The Javascript community has had enough of the Bazaar model, and is primed to head back towards the Cathedral model? Who woulda thunk?


I think the way it is right now is just perfect, you got npm integration for more than you could ever dream of, and you also have a bunch of agreed core packages providing a proper orchester to basically start playing any song you want.