State of Javascript 2021

Apparently no (more) mentions of Meteor on either Frontend, Backend or builders and no data layers question in the survey. Found the survey a bit poorly designed this year, like an incomplete copy of a previous survey…


From the FAQ:

Q: Can I take the survey anonymously?
A: Yes, you can use a fake ( or non-identifying email to take the survey as long as you save it for future access.

Hello, this was a surprise for me as well. I just finished responding to the survey to ensure they indeed removed Meteor.

I did report it in the questions where it was possible to inform Meteor in the free form field.

I understand it’s hard to put Meteor in these three buckets (front-end, backend, build tool) as Meteor can somehow be used in the three areas, mainly the backend and build tool.

But I don’t believe removing Meteor altogether from the survey is a good solution.

My suggestion for the next year would be to create a new section for full-stack solutions. Meteor is complete and mature to centralize everything in the same project.

Is there a public place where we could comment suggesting new additions for next year? I’m not sure if these decisions are made in public or privately.

So you don’t need to worry about other things besides your business logic code, especially with the effort that Meteor core makes to keep everything backward compatible when possible.

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