State of JS 2023

Following from our latest Dispatches episode I would like to announce that @sacha has released the annual State of JS survey!

I would like to encourage everyone to take it to learn more about the rest of the ecosystem and potential new features in JavaScript which we might get with Meteor 3 or that we should watch out for (like Temporal).

But above all make sure to select Meteor in Other Tools → Back-end Frameworks

What were some of the interesting thing that you have found in the survey?


My notes:

  • Logical Assignments will be available in Meteor 3
  • Will have to look more into Logical Assignments and Nullish Coalescing (which we can already use in Meteor 2) and when to use each most efficiently.
  • Web Speech API looks interesting for Literary Universe
  • Broadcast Channel API is something to look into where new browser windows are open. I recall I once tried to implement it to OAuth, but run into some limits.
  • Can’t wait for Temporal to get into production
  • HTMX has been talked about a bit. Will have to take a look into this.
  • Mock Service Worker will have to take a look on that to cover service worker testing.

Interesting list. Talk about it on Episode 16?

Maybe I’m missing the point, but since when are all those static website generators under Other Tools → Back-end Frameworks “back-end frameworks”? The creator of this survey either wants to please every web development shop in town, or can’t bear having only a handful of options on that page.

This is not a question directed at you. Just pondering…

For HTMX, how much of current Meteor client bundle can it replace? For example, replacing Jade, Blaze, etc? It could make client bundle smaller. Some HTMX examples can handle a lot more data at browser than React.

Could there be some “meteor create --htmx” that has all HTMX examples working with meteor?


I only had a brief look at HTMX but would love to see an example of Meteor using it :clap:

I was today watching Storyteller’s stream, and I agree that HTMX looks like React. I have not yet used HTMX or React at all, I also prefer more clear looking code. So I’m not yet qualified enough to comment yet, would those be improvement or not. In general, I prefer plain HTML/CSS/JS, without magic, if possible.

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