State of Meteor unit testing

So Iโ€™m refactoring an old Meteor app and of course TinyTest is no longer really used โ€“ or it is but you must use a test driver package now. The Meteor guide recommends Mocha which had its last commit a full seven months ago.

So before I continue, what is the current recommended Meteor unit testing approach? On another note, it would be amazing if something Meteor related would persist for more than a year :slight_smile:

I mean if mocha still works why worry? I donโ€™t think it really needs to change very often.

I am using practicalmeteor:mocha, practicalmeteor:chai, xolvio:cleaner and sinon for unit testing, and it has been working pretty great for a while now. I would not worry.


Feel like writing a tutorial on your setup, @jorgeer? :slight_smile:

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I have just been relying on The meteor guide. Is there anything specific you are struggling with, thatโ€™s not in the guide?

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