State of Meteor+VueJS August 2020

Hey there, what’s new with VueJS and Meteor?

I noticed meteor create --vue is new, but it’s not documented in the VueJS guide.

There seems to have been a bunch of work on this, but that work is either incomplete or undocumented. (I did some work on the Vue+Meteor Tutorial but didn’t get it to done).

Today, out-of-the-box, is it possible to quickly spin up a Meteor+VueJS+AccountsUI (using Blaze) project?


EDIT: I came back to Meteor after some time away on the first release of this new feature :slight_smile:


Hi. Yes lots of work is in progress atm. I’m working on a library that allows connecting to external Vue frameworks like Nuxt (Meteor as BFF and DDP as plugin). Accounts UI is something on my wish-list, but havent had time for that.

Currently on my roadmap are:

There are other people involved in figuring out the details. Feel free to contribute or share feedback :slight_smile:

About using Blaze. There will be no integration with Blaze. Just Vue. Maybe if someone likes doing it, we could support loading Blaze templates from a Vue component. That would help people migrate or use Blaze specifics (like Accounts UI) in Vue.


I’d say it is not worth putting in the effort to make accounts-ui (Blaze) work with Vue. It’s just too much technical debt. Especially given that the accounts-base package itself is fairly straightforward and so devs can rather quickly build whatever they need from just those building blocks.

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Seems legit. Lets add it to the list :’) I need this stuff either way. Just want to wait building it until v3 goes stable

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True, but… when I first dipped my toes in Meteor the fact that I could use accounts-ui out-of-the-box meant I could get my proof-of-concept working and fall in love with Meteor MUCH quicker . Yes, once the project progressed beyond proof-of-concept I replaced them with my own Material Design themed ui, but it was great not to have to invest that time up-front.

So if someone has time, providing accounts-ui-vue would be a great benefit for Vue users trying out Meteor for the first time…


I don’t care about Blaze - I just heard it was the simplest thing that could work.

I care about Meter + Vue + Rapid prototyping (accounts, social logins, password reset emails, etc).

Meteor+Vue without rapid prototyping isn’t that compelling. I’m using blaze now so I can get rapid prototyping.


Started this one a while ago:

Guess I will redo it :’)

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Hey Chris, that looks awesome!

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Very thanks @cloudspider :blush:

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