State of Meteor?



Actually is not that hard to use both.

You can check this docs and package to use with ostrio:files,

And if you need to see an example, check my public repo Urbanus.

Make sure you check both Team and Image Api’s.

If you need anything just ask! Good work.


Thanks Fillipe, seems like this is just what I needed as an example!
This is another amazing thing about meteor: the community is awesome too.


EducationLink has been running smoothly for 3 years now. We use Vue.js. (
We have three different Meteor apps for three different types of users, all connecting to the same MongoDB Atlas instance. For background functions we use AWS Lambda. We also have some special APIs on API Gateway.


Since it is also related to this post, I would like to encourage everyone to participate in the community survey.


Have to say that it’s making a point.