State of ... the State of Meteor 3 for new projects


I got the Methods part of Grapher working async with Meteor 3 alpha with “as 2.12 results” on queries in a React project.

I am starting a new eCommerce platform and will be looking to go officially live in 5-6 months.
Is this a good time to start with Alpha 15 of Meteor 3 and adopt the updates on the way or should I start with 2.13 and later upgrade?! 6 months gives us a lot of time to experiment, adjust, adapt etc.

What would you do?!

Thank you.

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Yes… is it possible to use Meteor 3.0 for new projects out-of-the-box yet, accepting that many of the community packages possibly aren’t fully converted yet?

I think it’s a good question :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking to create something new too soon based on Meteor 3.0 and a clean slate…

We still have some important things to address, like callAsync. But you could start, for sure. We’re close to releasing the first Beta and addressing those things, meaning that the API can still change, but as you want to create the application from zero, those changes shouldn’t give you too much work if they happen.

And besides, this type of work can really help us, because you’ll probably find things we need to improve or bugs we haven’t found yet. So this type of feedback will be really important.