Status of lazy loading without imports folder

Hey there. I’ve been away from Meteor since early 1.3 release. Today I decided to create a new app with Meteor but as far as I can say Meteor still loading files eagerly. There were ongoing discussions about this behaviour but I lost the track. Is it possible to change this behaviour now? (Unless I use “imports” folder)

Edit: Changed title for clarifications.

Imports folder is the way it’s done.

I know about imports folder but I believe there was some proposals about configureable lazy loading behaviour and using entry points in order to eliminate imports folder. I was hoping to see something like that.

There’s dynamic imports for Meteor 1.5?

When Meteor 1.5 is released, probably in a month or so, I believe lazy loading might just work automatically if you’re using imports.

That’s great to hear! I should check it out.