Stay logged in after non Iron:Router page redirect. iOS specific

I have a custom notification displayed using Bootstrap Notify that lets the user click on the notification and redirect the link to another page. It uses a straight ahref tag to redirect.

When I click on the redirect in the notification, in iOS only, the user gets logged out.

Here is my iron router parameters that I am using to control:

var OnBeforeActions;

OnBeforeActions = {
loginRequired: function() {
if (!Meteor.user()) {
this.render(‘navbarLite’, {to: ‘navigation’});
this.render(‘learnMore’, {to: ‘footer’});
else {;

Router.onBeforeAction(OnBeforeActions.loginRequired, {
only: [‘hostDashboard’,‘manage’, ‘transactions’, ‘showDashboard’, ‘items’, ‘history’,‘transactions’, ‘viewItemSummary’, ‘accountInfo’]