Steam authentication Meteor.js

Hello, I’m trying to make steam authentication button on meteor.js application, but I’ve got some problems. has got some packages to do this, but there are no some information how to use it. So, I need manual or some advices how to make steam auth function in my meteor js application.

that’s an old package and seemingly unmaintained

you might try asking at the package’s repo

that said, it should follow the login flow, so placing {{> loginButtons}} in a template, should offer you a steam login option, and it should follow the oath flow

I installed this package, then placed {{> loginButtons}}. So now I’ve got exception:

Error: Already registered the steam OAuth service
at Object.OAuth.registerService (packages/oauth/oauth_server.js:35:1)
at Package (packages/mrt_steam/packages/mrt_steam.js:11:1)
at Package (packages/mrt_steam/packages/mrt_steam.js:79:1)
at B:\auction.meteor\local\build\programs\server\packages\mrt_steam.js:105:4
at B:\auction.meteor\local\build\programs\server\packages\mrt_steam.js:114:3
at B:\auction.meteor\local\build\programs\server\boot.js:242:10
at Array.forEach (native)
at Function..each..forEach (C:\Users\root\AppData\Local.meteor\packages\meteor-tool\1.1.9\\dev_bundle\server-lib\node_modules\underscore\underscore.js:79:11)
at B:\auction.meteor\local\build\programs\server\boot.js:137:5
Exited with code: 8
Your application is crashing. Waiting for file change.

That means that you already have a service configuration for the accounts package.

If you have ServiceConfiguration.configurations.remove({service: 'steam'}) on the server side followed by

ServiceConfiguration.configurations.insert({service: 'github', secret:secret, public:public}) it should work properly.

Ok, I added “ServiceConfiguration.configurations.remove({service: ‘Steam’})” on my server side folder, but I’m still getting this exception. What I’m doing wrong?

I’ll just throw this in here since this is one of the top results in Google.

This package provides bare minimum integration of Meteor accounts system with Steam’s OpenID and gives you full control over fetching user’s profile data (such as username, avatar etc.)

Setup is pretty simple, everything is explained in the README. Head over to the repo in case you run into problems.

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