Stencil.js with meteor

Has anyone tried implementing stencil.js with meteor yet? The stack I’m trying to implement is

  • stencil
  • typescript (tsx)
  • ionic
  • capacitor
  • meteor

Stencil uses it’s on dev server with webpack. I’m not sure if you can modify the way stencil uses webpack.

The main reasons I’m looking at Meteor is for mongo, accounts, a good frontend client, and quick development.

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I’m helping out with a project I’d like to see move to this exact stack. Recent announcements for each of these makes the combo seem even more amazing! The lack of examples and documentation make me hesitant to pitch it yet.

Did you end up trying this stack out for your project?

Here’s a relevant thread that showed up more recently on this forum: Meteor + Ionic4 Integration

I ended up moving away from stencil, even though I like it, because I wanted a complete ui framework that I can build my products from. I’m using vue, flutter and meteor right now, and it is working great.

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