Step-by-step Meteor + React Books, Courses and Tutorials

Meteor’s amazing community has developed loads of resources to build meteor apps.

I’m having a hard time finding resources (paid or free) for build meteor and react apps though.

Do you know any more?

If you know of any other Meteor + React Books, Courses and Tutorials (paid or free) that teach you how to build apps step-by-step, please share and help me put together a comprehensive list.


@kenrogers also recently published a great Meteor + React post on Medium: Build A Journaling App with Meteor 1.3 (Beta), React, React-Bootstrap, and Mantra


Found a new one: Compose your Awesome New Web App
… with the Mantra architecture: Meteor + React.JS by Otto von Wachter |

Found a simple set up tutorial for a landing page on

And a tutorial for a page with a simple grid with posts inside the grid

Also a tutorial to create a dead-simple form that will allow you to start implementing subscription features in your app using the Recurly API.

Author says he’s working on making a bigger app and that integrates React + Meteor 1.3 + GraphQL, I’ll do my bets to post it here when it comes out.

Meteor + React youTube tutorial for a booking system for salons and hair dressers

Here is another tutorial, a micro-turorial

One more:

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Found another one. I havn’t done this one. If someone does it can you please reply to this comment with what the final app does

Another micro setup tutorial

Meteor and React for everyone (to do app) [$paid, for now, but not expensive]

create an invoice app with meteor and react

Build a Super simple progress bar to understand props and state

This course by Stephen Grider on Udemy is amazing
Meteor and React for Realtime Apps

is there any meteor + react + redux tutorial?

@jchavez I found these…

Please share if you find more.

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Create Web Apps with Meteor & React vy Gilbert Mizrahi

Building a live chat app in 40 minutes with React and Meteor via OK GROW!

Ken Roger’s Meteor + React book returns an Error 404.
Here’s a new link Build a Complete Application Using Meteor 1.4 and React