Stepping up the contributions

I’m very happy with people helping us out here and I try to do my fair share of answers and contributions (on meteor vue and guide side atm) aswell. However, I see a lot of issues in the github repos that are simply requests to add or edit things in for example the guide.

If we could at least start responding to those questions and requests, we might trigger way more people to contribute. Just the shear fact that they are adding issues to github shows that they are involved. Lets start helping people out on github or at least invite them to do pull requests like I did on this one:

Oh… and maybe start bringing the #meteorjs hashtag back up on twitter and start mentioning @meteorjs to make MDG and the world aware that we are very alive


Great! Any sample basic project for this package? I’m writing a React Meteor web application and it would be helpful to understand how I can start using it.

EDIT: I found an example :slight_smile:

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Tried to run this example, but it’s not working :woozy_face:

I have no experience with the package itself unfortunatly.

I’m however in the progress of building one based on Material-ui. I want it to be a drop-in type of package where you can simply do something like this:

  <UserLogin />

  <UserRegistration />

The Vue equivalent is also in the pipelines…