Sticky for Common Questions/Solutions


After seeing this post about crons, I started wondering if it makes sense to have a sticky on these forums that could be curated by the community.

I feel like questions about crons, which deployment strategies are valid, how to “clean up” the meteor installation when it gets to 20gb, etc. come up almost monthly. What ends up happening is that year old threads are bumped. Sometimes there’s new information, sometimes what was correct a year ago still holds true. But without the thread history, it’s often tough to tell.

I think the days of relying on mdg/atmosphere to make recommendations about extending Meteor are probably past us, and it really doesn’t make sense to expect that kind of thing from docs that are geared more towards API-level stuff.

We all have our own opinions about packages and solutions, but for things like crons, there are a few go-to packages that are always recommended. Same goes for things like schemas, data tables, composite publishing, etc. Even a list of maintained (or STABLE) packages for common use cases would probably help.

Also, I think a lot of what people like @diaconutheodor have contributed is buried in threads that many users may never even come across. I’ve yet to run into a Meteor dev in the wild who knows about redis-oplog. I’ve run into many more who feel that Meteor still has inherent scaling issues that are unsolvable.

Anyway, I feel as though there is a ton of great information scattered across these forums, stackoverflow, etc., and trying to condense that into something consumable for meteor newcomers (or even oldtimers) could be beneficial.

Maybe even a link to something on git so we could maintain it through some proper channels?

Just a thought…


Apparently, “regulars” are able to create wikis here, which are editable by any trust-level 1 member. That may be an option, but I’ve not actually tried it myself.