Sticky sessions on Galaxy


As I know Galaxy uses cookies to support sticky sessions. And this is surprise me a lot. Because if browser doesn’t allow cookies (user unchecked for security, or private Safari, or app running in iframe) and at the same time for some reason it use sockjs XHR-fallback each request will go to random instance and client-app will go crazy.

Believe me this is not a rare situation. Google Cloud for example doesn’t use cookies for that task and uses Client IP and optionally Protocol to pass requests from same user to same instance.

Got reply from Meteor team:

Our product team acknowledges cases where cookies may not be optimal to maintain state but doesn’t have plans to support alternative sticky sessions as it’s not a common case.

Surprised twice!

They say that Galaxy is ideal for Meteor and at the same time leave this uncovered.

It is not an additional feature it is an essential and core one - to keep connection even if browser doesn’t support WebSockets or server at its capacity and can’t handshake with the browser (Meteor have great fallback for that). Same about disabling cookies (Galaxy doesn’t care). It is not so uncommon when these conditions are met in a single browser.

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