Still using fastclick in 2019?

Is there any reason to still use the fastclick package in 2019?

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We got rid of it a long time ago, as browsers have become a lot better. Even the creator of the library recommended to stop using it back then.

I haven’t noticed any issues - on touch our app responds very well.

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No. Fastclick was designed to circumvent a mobile browser ux problem with the click delays, but all browser vendors have since realized they got it wrong and removed that delay.

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The need resurfaced in iOS11 for cordova-based apps. I believe the delay was fixed in iOS12.

Is it ok to leave in apps? Or should it be removed?

I had left it in, figuring it could help in some cases (and there are cases where maybe you can’t use the right viewport settings for some reason, and it can still be useful on iOS). But in my case, it was causing a set of errors with Material-UI. Getting rid of fastclick solved those issues.

I think it’s also been completely removed from the meteor git repo? I wanted to check and see if it could be set to just the legacy bundle. I couldn’t find it.