Stock analysis website built with Meteor

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a stock analysis website I built with meteor: - a free website geared towards individual investors. It’s optimized for desktops but can be used on mobile. This has been a side project I’ve worked on over the past five years after I found the solutions available at the time to be lacking in the functionality I was looking for, primarily charting stock fundamentals FinaSquare charting.

A huge thank you to the Meteor community! You’ve made it possible for me to go from zero coding experience to launching a website.

A side note, I’m looking for a partner for this project. If you’re passionate about stocks and investing feel free to reach out :slight_smile:


The site looks good, what are your plans for it? Is this a commercial venture, or more out of personal interest?

I am a keen investor, presently only investing in Australia, but interested in branching out into other markets. I have built a few things in Meteor for myself, but nothing as comprehensive as this

Hi, nice site. You should try to make it clear on the front page what unique features for stock analysis it does have. Also for the front page I would not use drop down for different sectors (hard to notice almost missed that there are more stocks there). You could just load top 3 stocks of each sector and add ‘load more’ link.
Didn’t check too much maybe I missed, but it would be even better to have fully configurable dashboard so that I could configure the stocks that are let’s say in my portfolio and it would not be that default useless table, but information selected and configured from single stock analysis (basically whatever data/charts I follow would be possible to see at glance in the dashboard for all stocks in my portfolio). Also would be good to see when is the next information release for each stock.
Good look :slight_smile:

Looks very nice! I didn’t even know a good source of free financial data was available.

What are your goals? Are you looking to monetize it?

Nice! Like a white version of atom.
BTW, where do you source your data from?

Thanks! The fundamental stock data is purchased from Quandl and the stock prices and company info comes from IEX.

Thanks, these are good points! I’m going to be working on custom stock lists and dashboards that users can save for future reference. It’s definitely lacking the ability to save a chart or analysis.

My focus has been building out features I personally wanted to see and would use when analyzing stocks. Short-term goals are to update the UI and allow users to create and save dynamic charts and tables. Long-term I’d like to have enough features and capabilities to offer a free version and premium plan to monetize the site.