Stori is looking software engineers to be part of an excting venture


We created Stori in 2 months through design sprints and iterations on the product through focus groups and in the past 2 days developed most of Stori on meteor

Stori is a web and mobile application that allows users to create multiple stories about themselves that include, text, images, videos and contact info.

Stories are generated as links from a user’s account and can easily be shared via text message, email or on social media.

We’re super excited to get this product out in the hand’s of users to start testing it and continue building it out into an awesome product.

I’m looking for software engineers familiar with meteor who can build Stori into a scalable platform.

I’d love to tell you more - email me @

2 Likes might be a better place for job ads. There’s a large supply of meteor devs there but not much jobs.

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Jobs can also be posted to TMC slack jobs channel:


Hi! Welcome!
Very cool product! Totally interested in learning more. :smiley:

PM me and let’s talk. I may be able to do some consulting at some level, or have recommendations for folks who might be interested in working on it.

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Hey Abby!
I think because I’m a new user I can’t send messages
Mind shooting me an email

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