Storyteller is available for consultations!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you that I’m available for consultations and made it super easy to book a call with me via! I’m running a special promotion for Meteor 3 migration for now probably until the end of summer where you can book it at a discounted rate. These initial consultations are primary entry point and meant to help you overcome pain points you are having in migrating to Meteor 3.
Hopefully this should be enough, but if you need more or more involved/complex work then we we can discuss that too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me!

Besides Meteor itself I also have made the necessary migration for Apollo GraphQL and React 19 (I have some interesting findings here).

My sponsors can get additionally discounted consultations.


ooo - can you make electron work with latest version on 3.0.0? would be willing to pay for that update

Does Electron not work with V3? Or is it specifically the meteor-electron package you’re referring to?

meteor-electron is on my list to upgrade soon now that Meteor 3 is in rc stages. Though @msavin this would fall under the category of making more advance agreement and honestly I would probably not take it as I’m not confident enough that I could finish it like that. Though if my sponsors wish me to focus on that I would spend the time trying me best to make it so.

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