Stripe Shipping & Tax?

Anyone have any straight forward solutions for adding shipping & taxes charges to Stripe?


Ari Kamin

Why don’t you just calculate your expected additional fees’ costs, and then add them to the total cost?

var item = Items.findOne()
var itemCost = item.cost;
var shippingCost = calculateShippingCost(item)
var taxCost = calculateTaxCost(item)

//stripe pseudo api-code
  id: this.userId,
  amount: itemCost + shippingCost + taxCost

//or, you can do this, if stripe supports service fees
  id: this.userId,
  amount: itemCost,
  serviceFee: shippingCost + taxCost

Keep in mind, this example is an oversimplification and uses pseudo api-code.

A similar thing can be done with Braintree, and I think Braintree and Stripe are 80% similar minus some really annoying acceptable-use policy / bank agreements Stripe has made.

Edit: It looks like Stripe does support application_fees (i.e. service fees).