Structuring a retainer once a project is done

I am completing a project this week.

Once done they’d like to put me on retainer of sorts to make sure I’m available each month. How have should I structured this?

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Decide on a set number of hours a month. Multiply that times your hourly rate (perhaps with a slight discount). Generally, hours don’t roll over month to month if not used. If they do need to rollover, make sure you include a limit (i.e. hours must be used within 3-6 months). Include terms for your rate for overages above your set hours (i.e. they’re paying you for 5 hours a month, but request something that will take 10).

Put everything in writing - even if just a simple one page document, and get a signature. Can use DocSketch, HelloSign etc.

Create an account on Stripe (or similar) and set up a recurring invoice.