Structuring applications with shared code

I have a situation where two different applications should share some code. I would like to put this code in a separate folder or package that can be managed in a separate Git repository and depended-upon by the two applications. What is the best way to do it?

I tried following the instructions at Writing npm Packages, but ran into the problem that es6 exports did not work. I asked about that in the comments on that page, but have received no response.

Would it make more sense just to move the shared code to another folder and use symbolic links? What strategy do folks suggest?

I ran into this same issue. The code worked fine locally, but once in a package everything es6 broke.

A local npm package is a decent way to do it. You can even depend on the package using a relative path (if you have your package as a submodule for example). When you write your own npm package, the source code will not be compiled by meteor, the code that your module exports will be included as is. So, if you want to write your package in es6, you will need to compile the es6 into es5 yourself. I would suggest looking for npm es6 boilerplate projects for a solution.