Structuring Cordova + web app

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Wondering about the best way to structure such a project. Both views should be able to access a common server (for methods, collections, etc). Each view should have its own design and flow.

An idea may be to have a single app, and handle the rendering of the device-specific views manually. But wrapping both of these views within the same project would build all the web (unnecessary) content into the Cordova app, which we don’t necessarily want.

A cleaner solution would be to have two separate apps. One for the web + server, and one for the Cordova build only. With the second one pointing to the web server with the --mobile-server flag. And eventually directing the mobile web browsers to the second one. However, it would break hot code pushes in Cordova, since the client would then watch the web server for code changes.

Hence my questions. Is there a way to specifiy where the hot code push should be watched from? And in general, which approach do you consider the most appropriate for such a (common) case? Thanks!

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Found a way to define where to watch hot code pushes from. Package here: