Structuring Meteor for large projects

Hello… I want to use Meteor and Angular to create a shopping store. But I’m confused about the structure… Should I create one app that controls the entire website… or create multiple apps that interact with the database and have different roles… Like displaying cart items in the home page… login form… user settings… or anything else…

Try the Meteor Guide on Structure for some basics( and the guide as a whole).

In general, it should be one large app for the login, shopping carts and everything. Only when it gets really big you might start thinking of splitting of some parts like the admin section. But I’ve never had an app big enough to warrant splitting it up.

Thanks for the advise… I want to build the project using Angular2 and Meteor but those two have different file structures and this is confusing for me. Can you recommend some sort of an article or tutorial??

A few posts ago, I explained how I structure my apps, so maybe have a look at those posts.

As Angular2 is a client-side view-layer, that would typically go into the client folders