Struggling with Meteor 1.11 + Angular 10

Hello everyone, i’m new here and a new user of Meteor.
I’m struggling Building an app with Meteor Server side and Angular front-end.

What’s the best way ti properly install the full packages foto starting to build an app?
Sorry for my poor Englisj

Hey, and welcome to the Meteor community :tada:

The implementation of Meteor towards Angular is currently not at it’s best, means there are known issues running Angular 9 or newer on Meteor 1.10.

Please take a look at

I’m in contact with the current maintainer of the package in order to find a solution to this to make it easier to integrate it into a new project. I got Angular 10 working with Meteor 1.10, but only when disabling Ivy (the new compiler introduced in Angular 9) and AOT. This is a start, but definitively not a satisfying result.


Hey! Thanks for the welcome and for your answer.
I was reading about it and i will try that solutions but that’s very unfortunate.

Yes, unfortunately the Angular-Meteor project seems moribund. Early-on, we transitioned our Angular client to use the Angular CLI rather than Meteor for builds. Over time, we removed all Meteor dependencies from our client, which uses an Apollo GraphQL API anyway. Eventually, we’ll likely replace Meteor Accounts and MongoCollections on the server and remove Meteor altogether in favor of Apollo Server and Express running on Node inside of a Nx Workspace.

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Could you explain me how i can i achieve this?

Hello everybody.
It seems that I builded a simple ToDo app with AngularCLI (Angular 10) and Meteor (1.11) using meteor-client-bundle.
But now i have a question: what’s the best way to build an angular-meteor app? Via meteor-client-bundle o with angular-meteor?

Hi @elmamc, can you share the TODO app that you have created with AngularCLI (angular 10) and Meteor 1.11 using meteor-client-bundle, I’m struggling to create an angular CLI and meteor server bootstrap project

Hi @anoop0567 , sorry if i wrote to you this late.
I should have committed my project on git hub.
Try this

Hi @elmamc , Thanks for you reply and creating this project but on running client-side code getting this error

ERROR in ./src/main.ts
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'meteor-client.js' in '/home/work/learning/meteor/AngularCli/client/src'

can you please help me to resolve this error?

Hi @anoop-chauhan
Maybe you have to install and configure the meteor-client-bundler.
I followed the process explained in the IonicCli+Meteor Tutorial
at the “Preparing the Meteor Client” Paragraph.
After installing meteor-client-bundler, you have to add the bundling script to the packages.json of the AngularCli client .
The script has to point to the server directory.
This is the only script i added
"meteor-client:bundle": "meteor-client bundle -s ../server"

Then, you have to run npm run meteor-client:bundle in your AngularCli client directory, this will generate the meteor-client.js file in the Client’s node_modules dir that will import in the main of your client