Stuck "Downloding meteor-tool@1.8.0"


hi guys , i am trying to create new meteor project with 1.8.0 version
i have a windows 10 64bit , it have been more then 1 hour now and it didn’t finish

[Solved] Windows 10 + meteor 1.8 throws error

Hi @atouiilyes!

The first thing you should check is if windows defender (or other antivirus) is scanning Meteor

99% of Windows / speed issues with Meteor are caused by anti-virus slowing down file operations, as there are A LOT of files involved in node apps.

I always add exclusions to Windows Defender for:

7z.exe - This one is particularly important for installs, as Meteor is extracted using 7zip
and the meteor folder at C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local.meteor\

This speeds up installs, updates, and builds by about 500%


@coagmano thanks alot for your reply, it helped me