Stuck on Meteor/Angular tutorial step 10

I’ve followed every step of the tutorial to the letter yet I’m getting this error attempting to set a task to be private:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_id’ of undefined
at TodosListCtrl.setPrivate (app.js:126)
at fn (eval at compile (modules.js:15526), :4:370)
at expensiveCheckFn (modules.js:16615)
at callback (modules.js:26594)
at Scope.$eval (modules.js:18391)
at Scope.$apply (modules.js:18491)
at HTMLButtonElement. (modules.js:26599)
at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (jquery.js:4723)
at HTMLButtonElement.elemData.handle (jquery.js:4391)

The line with the problem looks like this:
setPrivate(task) {‘tasks.setPrivate’, task._id, !task.private);

but every other call doesn’t have a problem with task._id

Hello @lelandb ,

Your project is missing one package “account-base”. Please run below command to add pakcage.

meteor add accounts-base

Tarun Sharma
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Hi @tarun.sharma, unfortunately the same error comes up after installing the package

Have you compared your code against the working source here?

Thanks @hwillson! I must’ve made a mistake copying the code over. Straight copy/pasting the code again from step 9 to step 10 fixed it