Stuck on "Processing files with cosmos:browseri..."

Pulled down a working set of code on a new computer and tried starting the app. Below is what I get, been stuck on last line for 2 plus hours. Any ideas?

=> Started proxy.
=> Meteor is available. Update this project with ‘meteor update’.
=> Started MongoDB.
Processing files with cosmos:browseri… |

Hi, what OS are you on?

If you’re on Windows, try disabling anti-virus to see if that’s the issue (common cause of super slow builds), if it is, you should add meteor/node/7zip/etc to the exceptions

It’s time to stop using cosmos:browserify. Meteor has had a module system of its own since version 1.3, released in 2015. Start with meteor remove cosmos:browserify and then fix anything you have to. This is going to keep you from staying up to date with any future Meteor version, so it’s better to put the effort in now.