Styling with meteor


hello, i’ve been learning meteor for over a month now and started working on a board game server project (with blaze for now, considering learning react sometime soon).
now, i got to a point where its probably time to start thinking about styling the pages.
unfortunately, i have zero knowledge about styling, i don’t even know simple css.
i searched the web and encountered many different packages and stuff like that. bootstrap, sass, postcss, many others.
i have no idea where to start. do all these environments/compilers/i don’t even know what they are/ rely on basic css that i should probably learn first? which packages work best with meteor? which is gonna help me make things right for all sort of devices? (smartphones/tablets/pc/etc.)
hope someone can clear things up for me so ill know where i should be heading.

thanks in advance!


So take your time and learn CSS.
Knowing css and html is an ultimate requirement for front-end development.

As for “ways” to use CSS, you have to choose your own, and as you have no expierence, I’d recommend you use one of “app from scratch” guides for Meteor and take advantage of its guideline. The choice is really all about maintainability and has nothing to do with basic CSS knowledge.


CSS is fairly simple - take a look at

Bootstrap, Semantic UI & Materialize are CSS frameworks

Sass, PostCSS & Less are pre-processors which add features such as JS-like variables, conditions and grouping/nesting

If you are just starting out I suggest you stick with basic CSS (no preprocessors) and a framework (bootstrap)