Stylus depracated message does not disappear


On starting meteor in dev and prod - it prints the following message to the console. I have updated my packages list to its recommendation - but the message does not disappear !.

(STDERR) The stylus package has been deprecated.
(STDERR) To continue using the last supported version
(STDERR) of this package, pin your package version to
(STDERR) 2.513.14 (meteor add stylus@=2.513.14).


both client and server side - message appears


Have you checked if stylus is on version 2.513.14 in your .meteor/versions file?


.meteor/versions states stylus@2.513.14


I’m also seeing this. I’m def on the 2.513.14 version of stylus and getting this warning.


Ooops - the message is wrong. Use the following instead

meteor add stylus@=2.513.13

I’ll fix it shortly - thanks!


Thanks @hwillson - that worked


this is still not fixed hwillson


Be sure to change stylus version to 2.513.13 in your .meteor/versions file if it’s not already done.