Submitting a story for the blog?

Since we have basically rewritten the react-meteor-data package to use React Hooks instead of the old HOC (while maintaining a backward compatible HOC built on the hook) I thought it would be nice to write a quick post on how to use it, and some its benefits. I have already a pretty good example for using account state that I’m using for my app which uses the hook (with deps, an optimization) in a Provider, and with a hook to grab the state from the context (behind the scenes), even with a compatible alternative for a HOC based on withTracker that I had used all over the app previously. I think it would make a great way to introduce the useTracker hook. I’ll probably write that up either way, but it would be cool if I could submit that for use on the blog.

Here is the example code (with little explanation - that’s to come!)

/* global Meteor */
import { createContext, useContext } from 'react'
import { useTracker } from 'meteor/react-meteor-data'
import { isSuperAdmin } from '/imports/utils/roles'

// This can be used directly, but is also used by the Context provider
export const useAccountDirect = () => useTracker(() => {
  const user = Meteor.isServer ? null : Meteor.user()
  const userId = Meteor.isServer ? null : Meteor.userId()
  return {
    isLoggedIn: !!userId,
    isSuperAdmin: isSuperAdmin(userId)
}, [])

const AccountContext = createContext('account')

export const AccountProvider = (props) => (
  <AccountContext.Provider value={useAccountDirect()}>
export const AccountConsumer = AccountContext.Consumer

// This requires AccountProvider to be included in the app tree.
export const useAccount = () => useContext(AccountContext)

// Provides a backward compatible HOC to replace
// the old `withTracker` version.
export const withUser = (Component) => (props) => {
  const account = useAccount()
  return <Component {...props} {...account} />

Anyway, where would I submit?


Looking forward to this getting merged, the update is getting more urgent.
I think tagging one of the MDG devs might get us the answer how to get on the blog.
@benjamn @hwillson

Just in time for React 16.9.0

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I also like to encourage you to publish your Meteor journey on because this is where you reach many developers and help to get more community attraction to Meteor back.

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Hello @captainn, you can submit directly to me.

and great work, congrats, I already implemented a sample app using it and DX was amazing, Meteor and Hooks together are a great combination. Thanks :slight_smile:

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