Subscribe/Publish takes long when data updated in meteor mongo

When the data change, It takes ages!! 10 sec min. Thats far too long.

Template.App_dashboard.onCreated(function() {

  const userId = Meteor.userId();

	this.step = new ReactiveDict();

	this.autorun(() => {

		const companyExists = Company.findOne({userId: userId});
		const showLogoImageUploadForm = Company.findOne({userId: userId, showLogoImageUploadForm: true});
		const instance = Template.instance();

  	if (companyExists && showLogoImageUploadForm)  {

		if (!companyExists) {


	step(step) {
		const instance = Template.instance();
		console.log('step ' + instance.step.get(step));
		return instance.step.get(step);

<template name="App_dashboard">
  <div class="navbar-fixed">
      <div class="nav-wrapper">
        <a href="/" class="brand-logo"><img class="responsive-img" src="/img/qpona-logo-full-text-right.svg"></a>
        <ul class="right hide-on-med-and-down">
          <li><a href="sass.html">Sass</a></li>
          <li><a href="badges.html">Components</a></li>
  <div class="page">

    {{#if step 'company'}}
      {{> company}}

    {{#if step 'upload'}}
      {{> uploads}}


Either you haven’t set up mongodb’s oplog correctly or you’re processing huge amounts of data.

I’d suggest looking at how to add the MONGO_OPLOG_URL environment variable correctly and that’s likely going to solve it.

Good luck!

I am working on my local machine and with a dev (meteor --development). My meteor mongo db has 3 records.