Subscribe with ssr with react-router

Hi, I use the following :

  • Meteor 1.11.1
  • React 17.0.1
  • react-router 5.2
  • react-redux 7
    - npdev:react-loadable 1

I also implemented the SSR with server-render

What is the best way to render a server with a data subscription?

staringatlights:fast-render can capture subscriptions and do hydration.

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Can it be used with a react-router ?
Is it compatible with npdev:react-loadable ؟

gatlights:fast-render` can capture subscriptions and do hydration.

If you can give me an example of using this package, thank you very much

Those are all compatible. Checkout my starter.

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Is it mandatory to use this package?

I am currently using Collection2
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No, you can extract that from the starter example, and it should work for normal pub/sub

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