Subscription Cache / Manager. Which one are you using?

Hi guys,

a little survey: which subscription-manager/cache are you using?

So far I found (dead) (alive, but buggy imo) (alive, but buggy imo)

Any tips?

I’ve been using for a while, haven’t had any issues so far, can you tell us what has been your problem with it?

My main issue with this package is
Plus a little weirdo like

The fork seems more stable, BUT also has the .ready()-issue and just is unstable when clicking back and forth

I have not had any issues with subs-manager. It may be dead, but it still works fine as far as I can tell.

Edit: I am still using old school tech (iron router with blaze)

In my React UI I use onReady() callback instead of tracking ready() reactively. Seems to work well, do you use Blaze?

@nickgudumac: Yeah the problems occur on blaze. Actually after switching to subs-manager I am quite happy. It simply works, though I can imagine some use-cases where I’d like to have more control about individual subscriptions.