Subscription doesn't work when deploy

I have a bookings rental app and all my listing appears. But for each special listing I have a dynamically generated drop down menu taking the id of the listing as a parameter to filter out results. My code works excellent on localhost but on meteor deploy the drop down list appears blank. I researched about it online and what it seems to me is it that I haven’t done anything to handle till the collections are loaded. But the drop down menu isnt populated even when kept unhindered for ages. My main listing has way more data but loads faster.

Note: It’s not that the location subscription loads slow, it doesn’t load at ALL on meteor deploy but works on localhost perfectly

Here is my code

   Meteor.publish('locations', function(id){
  check(id, String);
  return Locations.find({owner: id});


Router.route("/listing/:_id", {
	name: "locationList",
	waitOn: function () {
		var someId = this.params._id;
		return [Meteor.subscribe("locations",someId)];

It seems normal.
Have you checked collection on client browser if it is empty or not ?
Do you have collection declaration accessible to client ?
Or check in mongol
What are server side logs saying ?

PS: that “locationslist” all lowercase is triggering my OCD :smiley:

Thanks for the reply, mate! My main page listing collection is available to the client so the ‘locationList’ should be too(ie technically). Also as for Mongol, the code works excellent on localhost, it just screws over on deploy. I’ve put on a basic version at You can check it out but you have login though

PS: Sorry for ‘locationlist’ dude, it’s now ‘locationList’ :sweat_smile: