Subscription sends incorrect, partial DDP updates

For accurate most recent info on this issue see the github issue: Client subscription goes out of sync when a nested object key is removed from db document · Issue #12114 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

@tivoni if, in the future, you want people to help you and read your requests for help, you would probably need to help them help you …
I literally wasted my time reading your case and went to the Meteor github to see if you raised it there and if anyone is looking into it … when you could have linked that case to this post.
And all just to see the replies you gave to the Meteor team when they tried to help you.

At times, some people here stepped in to notify certain things. I believe it has been my turn this time.
On your next such reply, I will not be reading your posts any more.

Thank you.

@paulishca too bad my post is not up to your standards. In the future I will try to make it clearer and less rough at the edges. Mind you, this is a bit difficult to manage while managing the consequence of the issue in production.
Generally relating to your message, I don’t appreciate the hostility and would appreciate not hearing from you in the future

Closing this topic. Continue the discussion in github instead as it’s difficult to continue the discussion here where there isn’t any useful info available here