subscriptionsReady() & Autoform

I am having issues with subscriptionReady() & Aldeen’s autoform.

I can’t seem to get a drop-down field’s options to be populated on the first load with data from a collection.

I have a New Job form, with a Customer drop-down field. On the first load, only the label is visible, but if I navigate to a different page that also subscribes to the customer collection, and then navigate back to the job form, the drop-down options appear. If I navigate to a page that doesn’t subscribe to the customer’s collection, and then back to the new job form, the drop-down is visible but the options are gone.

It’s as though the customer subscription is based on the last page viewed.

Any insight is appreciated.

Here is my code (if more is needed I can share more):

//Current Code
//Autoform in the NewJobs template
{{#if $.Session.get 'CustomerDataIsLoaded'}}
{{#autoForm collection="Jobs" id="insertJobForm" type="insert" class="new-job-form" }}
{{> afQuickField name="JobCustomer" options=customerOptions}}
{{> loader}}           

//JS for NewJobs template
Template.NewJobs.onCreated(function () {
var self = this;
if (Template.instance().subscriptionsReady()) {
Session.set('CustomerDataIsLoaded', true);
customerOptions: function () {
return Customers.find().map(function (c) {
return {label:, value: c._id};