Suddenly lost access to a * site

I’ve had access to deploy to a * site for some time. In fact, I created it, and according to the meteor authorized documentation, this means that I wouldn’t be able to remove myself. I did also grant an organization rights, though, and everything was working great.

I am suddenly getting this when I try to deploy: Sorry, that site belongs to a different user.

What are the potential causes of this that I should try to rule out? Steps so far:

  • I am still in the organization
  • Everyone who was in it is still in it
  • There are not new people who have been deploying
  • Ran meteor logout and then meteor login again
  • Tried to meteor claim the site (same message as when deploying)

Still figuring out:

  • Someone else MIGHT have removed me; I I haven’t finished checking this
  • I don’t know yet if the other developer (who is on vacation) still has access. But the organization does not, which is excessively strange

Anything else but this to check? Have there been any infra changes I might not have caught wind of?

For what it’s worth, I had this issue today but ended up being that I had deployed the first time using my work email and was trying to using my personal account the second time round.

Yeah, my issue turned out to be that another developer had to delete and
recreate the site once in the past and forgot to add back the organization.