Suggest a best tool or plugin for voice and video chat

Can you suggest a best tool or plugin for voice and video chat. If it is open source it could be helpful for me at least for development.

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I used SimpleWebRTC before. But it is not really that flexible.

Now I am using WebRTC API directly for video or audio chat. This gives freedom to do anything you want.


Thanks for your reply @Hongbo_Miao
Can you provide any link for using it in meteor. Meteor is directly providing webrtc api?

I’m thinking of using WebRTC also. What is your approach for clients running OSX and/or IOS? Also, are you using WebRTC in a web app or in a native app?

I didn’t find any tutorial about it when I started to use it.

However, it is not really related with Meteor.
You just need learn WebRTC first, then start to use it in your Meteor app.

Yeah, you can use WebRTC API directly.

I am using it in a web app.

Excellent. I believe it doesn’t work in Safari yet, and that Apple has announced Safari will be supporting it. Is that what you have heard?

Have you tried

Maybe you have a look at Rocket.Chat Github

I don’t know what they use but maybe they have taken already some right decision.

@erickeno, @tomfreudenberg do either of those work in Safari yet?

Yeah, you are right. My app video part does not support Safari right now.

WebRTC is still in development for Webkit (Safari) ->

If you want to use it anyway, here is a demo how to implement it within a Meteor application.

@vikr00001 I do not have experiences yet, but maybe you ask them on the RocketChat Server. On the other hand you may download just the system and give it a local try or use their Demo Server for free tests.

Please take a look at this,

If you want to take a test out of it,

Tool is very supportive to maximum of all requirements, especially he is so supportive.

And if you want to use it in meteor, @XTA provided a simple project in below link,

Thanks @XTA for your time and efforts, it helped me a lot.

Roughly how much work was it for you to implement webRTC in your app – was the API pretty easy to learn and work with?

For myself, because of lack of document, and I am also using Angular 2 (at that time I am using alpha version) with Meteor.

It took me around two months to make an app have basic Skype functions (call, answer, reject, audio, video, data channel).

The WebRTC API is easy, but the order of using each API step is really important. Most time I am debugging because of the order is wrong.
Another part for me took a while is building my own signalling server.
You need deal with Fiber on the server side.

But if you have enough knowledge for Meteor and any framework (Blaze, React, or Angular 2), I think you can use less time.

This is great info. Thanks very much.

**** You are welcome


I am also trying to implement audio, video functionality in my meteor chat app.

Can you please provide me some tutorial link or repo link for reference .
How to implement Webrtc in meteor.