Suggested Meteor or NPM package for S3 w/ image resizing?

I plan on setting up a Amazon S3 image server for my application and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a S3 package that includes image resizing? Meaning making alternate smaller versions of images for use on smaller elements etc.

Never had any apps that were image-intensive before, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Anyone who has experience with this? I would think there has to be some NPM package (or combination of packages) related to this functionality?

Mainly looking for one that someone can suggest that works well in Meteor. Most of the ones I have seen when browsing require higher node versions than the one included in Meteor…


I’ve used easyimage You’ll need to install imagemagick on your server

I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but I’ve had great luck with Upload to your s3 bucket, construct the src url with your desired attributes, and you’re off! At $3/mo per 1k master images, you do need to think about cost, but after struggling for a long time with storing multiple versions of images, etc. it was worth it in my opinion.