Suggestion: Add iOS 10 support tutorial to the Meteor Guide


Just recently, I was facing a lot of quirks on iOS introduced by the latest iOS 10 update. There’s a lot of discussion going on here iOS 10 compatibility and here

There are work-arounds for most, if not all, of the problems. But it is not easy to find them, as they are wide-spread across these two threads (and maybe others I don’t know).

I really love the excellent Meteor Guide, which is a great resource for many complex questions. So I’d like to recommend to extend the guide by an iOS 10 work-around chapter. Even if some of the problems will be fixed in the latest Meteor updates, not all of us are able to do these updates as they are still on older Meteor versions (like I am).

I would be happy to contribute to this Guide chapter, if needed.


Please do! Even just adding a section called “iOS 10” with some links in it will be great, and then other people can expand it as needed.


Ok, fine! At the moment, I am still struggling with iOS 10. Though I got most things working again, I am facing weird crashes in Cordova in special situations, when a plugin causes Cordova to run something in a separate thread, as the Twitter digits authentication does. Not sure if I will be able to work-around this without updating to a more recent Cordova version.


Here’s another one:


Thanks for sharing. The iOS tutorial is still on my todo list. Unfortunately, I’m quite busy at the moment, will pick it up as soon as I can find some time. Still looking for a solution for my login problem, though.