Suggestion: always accept settings option, even if it's meaningless


like 95% of my meteor invocations involve passing --settings path/to/same/file/every/time. Naturally, I created a shell alias to do this automatically. However, some commands I do use periodically (mongo) do not accept the settings option and will crash. The result is that I have to do clever things with shell aliases, and the result is not as nice as I’d like.

Suggestion: make --settings (or possibly any/all flags to meteor run) flags to any command. when passed to commands where they don’t make sense, generate a warning like “ignoring settings for command ‘mongo’.” Possibly, make this behavior be switched on with --ignore-run-flags-in-other-commands (it can be super long b/c i’m just going to write it once in .bash_aliases). If ignore-run-flags is on, --settings generates a warning in mongo. Otherwise, it generates an error as usual.

Is this great? Stupid? Too much effort given ROI? Come at me, bros.

checkout this modification of the /usr/local/bin/meteor wrapper