Suggestion: Author for a Lynda Meteor Video

Hi, peoples :slight_smile:

I’m a fairly new IT Student, who has become very interested in learning Meteor after a meetup from Code District presented a workshop on my schools campus. After looking around and saving all the Meteor related sites I could find, it became pretty obvious that the recognition of this awesome framework isn’t getting the proper amount of attention it deserves. This might be because most of the tutorials I’ve found related to Meteor are simply about creating a individual Web App like a calendar, todo list, comment section, etc. There are some very good teachers out there with great tutorials, that have a lot of applicable uses to them, don’t get me wrong. But what I’m trying to get at, is that there isn’t a single video course, that walks the users through creating a full functioning application, that would utilize all these small tutorials by combining them into one project. ( Sounds like I’m asking for some one to carry me to creating a free app right? )

My Suggestion:

Lynda is a very well known site, and has very clear and concise explanations for a majority of all of there videos. They cover very important frameworks, and are constantly updating their videos, to keep their viewers up to speed with what is the newest and the most efficient programs out there. As I said before I wasn’t able to find a vast amount of information, related to Meteor video-tutorial wise. Due to Lynda being utilized by professionals and learners all over the world, I believe if one of the Meteor Community Professionals, were to become an Author for Lynda, the Meteor Framework could gain a huge amount of recognition and popularity.

One video, I’d personally love to see, and would be a great example to show off the power of Meteor, would be on teaching people how to work with the Meteoric package for setting up clean mobile interfaces.

Some other simple but useful ones that people would feel inclined to try out would be:

Creating a blog that can be used for wide variety of uses.

Making a Project Management Web App for organizing ( dev teams, business schedules, etc )

I know, I’m a newbie, and I might be over-stepping my bounds. But It’s just a suggestion to help spread the word ( Like a Meteor Missionary ). Any thoughts on this?